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Angel Pray Newsletter 寸草心Publications


Angel Pray Foundation issued the scholarship fund from one-to-one sponsorship program to 180 students at four schools at Dushan City in GuiZhou Province in September 2007, compared with 92 students in 2006. This is the second year of this program. This scholarship fund supported these students for their tuitions and living expense.

  The class of 1998 at the department of automation at Tsinghua University established the alumni scholarship fund through Angel Pray Foundation and donated to Tsingnua University to help more students for tuitions. Angel Pray Foundation also issued the scholarships for two freshmen at Environmental Department at Tsinghua University for the second time.

Angel Pray Foundation and Norristown Outreach Christian Church built a green vegetable garden for the children at its low-income day care center at Philadelphia in the summer of 2007. The Garden was named as "Tomorrow's Leader's Children's Garden".

In 2007, Angel Pray Foundation and Environmental Resource Management Inc. in US have helped Wu He Elementary School at Dushan City build a new school building with library in 2007. Angel Pray Foundation local agents worked very hard from the building blue print design to supervising the engineering work. Local residents also showed support to spare their own time to help the projects.  Within half an year, a new building was completed. The used and new children books were sent to the school to setup the first Angel Pray library.

In November 2006, ERM Foundation selected Angel Pray Foundation as one of its 2006 grant recipients and issued $8000 to Angel Pray Foundation in support of library in China and Green Garden at the local low-income day care center at Norristown PA, US.

In October 2006, Angel Pray received $1000 donation for Long Hua's Fund to help build a new home for the poor student Long Hua Lu in China. During 3 months, the house is completed and they moved in the new house before the winter. Click here to see the new house.

7/24/2006-7/28/2006,Ms. Hong, editor of Grateful Heart, volunteered to make a special trip from California US to Dushan City in Guizhou, China.  Ms. Hong and her families walked a few days to visit the local students and villages. She delivered the printed copies of Newsletter to each students and local schools. She also had meeting with many students who received the scholarship from Angel Pray. Her concerns to those students were so impressive and her support encouraged all of the students and our other offices.  Trip Photos are online now.

In July 2006,the first issue of Angel Pray newsletter Grateful Heart was published by the efforts of the editing team from California. These newsletters were printed and delivered to each student and each donor to enhance our unique personal touch. Click to see the slides show

In May 2006,Mr. Zhang from US selected a student Wei from online database. This student has a good grade in her previous record. When Angel Pray local agency contacted the student and her teacher, we found out that she already dropped out off the school because her family cannot afford her tuition and living. With Mr. Zhang's generous full support of $300 a year to Student Wei, she promised to come back to school in this fall semester. Without donors' support, we are not able to do this great thing to help those children!

In March 2006,Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation issued scholarship to more than 80 students from four schools in Dushan City, Guizhou Province in China. See China scholarship photos

Before Christmas 2005, Angel Pray delivered holiday gifts to local more than 80 children from low in come families. See Angel Wish Photos

11/09/2005 Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation received the letter from IRS for tax exemption under code of 501(3) (C)

9/14/2005 Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation was registered as a non-profit charitable organization in the state of Pennsylvania

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