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All of these applicants are from farm and the house income depends on the farm products.  They have no fix income and they are at very lower level of living standard.  The applications are supervised by Angel Pray local agency and signed by the school supervisor.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  (English)One to one sponsor program    (中文)一对一帮助计划   Online Donate Now!

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China poor student scholarship (Sponsorship requires minimum 2 years) Updated on 07/26/2007

   Note to donor: Click to read each student's application profile and their essays, you will find how much your help means to the student you choose to help. From 2007, the student list will be updated each year due to the changes of the students' situations. Please select the student from the new list when you renew your donation each year. Thanks for your support! The scholarship is issued once a year at the beginning of the Fall semester.  After September, a new list for next year will be updated.    

2007 sponsorship list
 Cost per year Recommend $60 for one student  Recommend $60 for one student Recommend $110 for full sponsor / $55 for partial sponsor
  School Name Elementary School (小学) Middle School (初中) High School  (高中)
   Total applicants 50 64 106
   Available for sponsor 23 20 45

2006,we have sponsored 98 students.

Alumni Scholarship

   Please join us and add your school or your department into our sponsor list.  You sponsor it and you name it.  We can help you to setup with the school. 由校友捐款人指定学校和资格,给母校捐款,享受美国个人免税)

    Current list sponsored by Alumni
Name School Department Time Amount 2006 Recipient Requirement

Angel Pray Freshman Scholarship


Tsinghua University


Environmental Engineering


Fall semester






新生,入学后一个月内申请,来自贵州,云南,广西,西藏,新疆,四川六省,家庭困难Freshman from Guizhou, Shichuan, Tibet, Yun Nan, Guang Xi or Xin Jiang.
北京四中九四届七班校友助学金 北京四中   每年秋季

Fall semester




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