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Education Projects in China


Background of China Hope Project for children education,Acknowledge of Chinese minority nationality (We issue the fund focus in the minority region)

Current Chinese student education programs

Scholarship for the poor in the villages (elementary school, middle school and high schools are eligible to apply).  Initial scholarship concerns the southern minority region.  View our Online Student Database to select a student to sponsor! We update it frequently!

Angel Pray Library for the Poor (collected used books, help to repair and convert the exising room to Angel Pray Library for the undeveloped schools)

Alumni Scholarship (need-base) (setup scholarship to the college students who need financial aid for their tuition and living expense, the requirement and amount are setup by the donor/sponsor, can be one time or continuous scholarship and can be named by the donor/sponsor) See current Alumni Scholarship program

Scholarship FAQ       Scholarship Application forms

What does your donation means to the children in China?

  About Hope Project in China

China launched Project Hope on October 30, 1989 to pool donations to help impoverished rural school children to complete primary school education. Since its inauguration, Project Hope has received more than 2.2 billion yuan (US$265 million) in donations from domestic and overseas sources including individuals, government organizations and major transnational corporations. By November 2004, 2.6 million needy students in China had benefited from the project.

White Paper on Rural China's Poverty Reduction

The World Bank was the first international body to cooperate with the Chinese Government in aid-the-poor work, and has made the largest investment so far. The three-stage aid-the-poor loan project jointly carried out by the World Bank and China in the southwestern areas, the Qinling and Daba mountain areas and the western region has involved a total of 610 million US dollars, covering nine provinces and autonomous regions, 91 poverty- stricken counties and over eight million poor people. In July 1995, the Southwestern China-World Bank Loan Project started in the 35 state-designated poorest counties in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

    In some outlying mountain regions and areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, many children of needy families still cannot afford to go to school, and every year about one million pupils drop out of school to help support their families.(Xinhua News Agency March 28, 2005)  

Scholarship for the poor students in the villages

Angel Pray is currently setting up the poor student scholarship with the Schools at Southwestern China Minority Region. There are several minorities live in this regions: Bou Yei, Miao, Shui,  for students who meet the poverty qualification.  Angel Pray will review and evaluate the applications from students submitted by schools within the boards.  The board will keep the record of the signature of the beneficial to guarantee the fund properly used toward the poor students.   There are supervisors at the local region to monitor the fund use.  As we say, we will keep our three promises to all the donors who support us.

Current Online Student Application Database (details finance information for each student).  You can choose the student you like to sponsor and commit at least two years donations for this student.  You can contact this student directly via Angel Pray's help.

  • Scholarship for an elementary school student or middle school student: Maximum $55/year

  • Scholarship for an high school student: Maximum $120/year


Scholarship Application

The schools in these regions can apply this scholarship for their students by writing the grant proposal with principle's signature to Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation. The proposal should include the school background, population of the school, the number of minority students and their current living conditions.  The proposal will be carefully review and the answer will be given in timely base.  The following links are the application forms for download (word document and can be edited).



What does your donation mean to those poor children?

  • $5 /month, you can help to feed an elementary student or a middle school student one month

  • $10 /month, you can help  an elementary student or a middle school student for one year tuition and living expense

  • $15 / month, you can help an high school student for one year living expense

  • $35 / month, you can help an high school student for one year tuition and living expense 




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